Online Degree Spotlight: Computer Technology

Online Computer Technology Degree

Online Computer Technology DegreeIf you’re looking into getting a bachelor’s degree through distance learning (online courses), you’re probably thinking that some fields of study are more suited to the online environment than other. Needless to say, though, information technology and computer science are perfectly suited to these types of courses.

Considering most employers are currently looking to hire employees with at least a bachelor’s degree for IT jobs, graduating with this degree definitely provides a competitive advantage. However, let’s focus the lens a bit and consider what it means to get an IT or CS degree through online courses.

Is an Online Computer Technology Degree Right for Me?
In most scenarios, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Online computer technology degrees require very little previous experience for success. They’re perfect for students who are currently employed in IT and have an associate’s degree or lower because they often make it more feasible to get pay raises and promotions. In fact, acquiring the degree great no matter what your current profession is because it opens up a lot of potential doors for you to move up in your career. If you have no IT background and are looking to change directions in your career, don’t worry – these online degrees are very manageable.

Career Opportunities
Some people believe the myth that online degrees don’t give you as much credibility as degrees acquired on-campus, but that’s not at all true. If you graduate with a bachelor’s in computer technology by any means, you have a lot of potential career paths to take. The healthcare industry, for example, is never going to struggle no matter what the economy looks like – but there is always a need for someone to manage the technology upgrades. There are plenty of IT jobs in government services as well. Essentially any office building, whether it’s a call center, a financial services provider, or anything in-between, needs an IT team. There are also plenty of opportunities in education if you decide that’s a path that you might want to take.

You can concentrate your computer technology studies to make you a better candidate for certain positions if you know what direction you’d like to take. For example, you can concentrate on education if you’d like to teach IT or CS, or you can focus on governmental work to better land a job in one of those positions. Artificial intelligence, chemistry, and project management are other possible concentrations, but the list goes on.

The Growing Industry
The bottom line is that the demand for college-educated IT professionals is on the rise as technology becomes a more and more integrated part of every job. Any IT career is one that offers growth potential, and the field itself offers an endless list of opportunities.