10 Online MBA Degree Options

10 Online MBA Degree Options

10 Online MBA Degree Options

You may not have realized it, but there’s a burgeoning online community of college students seeking their MBA, or master’s degree in business administration. This is one of the more versatile degree options out there right now, with an exceptionally wide range of possible specializations, ensuring that anyone who considers themselves to be business-minded can find a rewarding career that suits their particular skills.

Choosing your field of study from among the many online MBA programs, then, can feel like a truly intimidating task. To help, here are 10 of the most popular specializations for online MBA degree seekers.


For those who truly want to forge their own path, a degree in entrepreneurship may be exactly what you need to prepare yourself for a future as an independent businessperson. This is a great first step toward embracing the so-called “startup culture” that’s booming in the US.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is an area of study that focuses on the very financial structure of major corporations, ensuring that the shareholders enjoy a great ROI. It’s all about allocating resources and increasing company value.

Risk Management

Risk all around us, which makes risk management specialists extremely valuable. They’re used in the corporate world to sift through the uncertainty associated with business ventures, new developments, and legal liabilities.

Real Estate

This might be the best master’s degree option for the businessperson who takes an interest in the great outdoors. This field of study concerns features of nature such as bodies of water, minerals, and crops, and the effect they may have on the selling and buying of properties.

Operations Management

Operations management might sound intimidating at first, but for most people it turns out to be a highly rewarding career. It has to do with overseeing the efficiency of a corporation’s operations, ensuring that it’s working to its full potential to meet customer needs.

International Business

While the job description is simple, the work itself is anything but. An international business expert is tasked with overseeing commercial ventures and other transactions that take place between entities in different countries. There are a host of laws that govern such interactions, which requires a great deal of legal knowledge.

Management Science

Depending on the application, this MBA degree option can sometimes be considered a branch of mathematics. It involves the use of analytical methods to ensure that company leadership is making the best decisions possible.

Investment Management

Investment managers are responsible for managing the assets of a company. These assets can include corporate bank accounts, naturally, but also things like shares, bonds, and real estate. Everything they do is in service of meeting corporate investment goals.

Human Resource Management

Human resources is an important field to invest in for just about any type of company. HR management has to do with creating and assessing internal company policies as they apply to the workforce. They’re responsible for making sure that employees are being adequately trained, managed, and appraised.


This might seem at first glance to be a fairly straightforward degree option, but the fact of the matter is that marketing is an incredibly fast-moving world, and requires a great deal of skill to keep up. With relatively recent additions like social media marketing and search engine optimization, marketing experts are only as valuable as they are willing to continually learn