The Best Colleges for Online Liberal Arts Degrees

UMass - Best Online Liberal Arts Degrees

At some point, we all dream of going to school to pursue some sort of degree. Some of us want to pave our career paths, going to school to become teachers, engineers, and writers. Others just want to get an Art History or Cosmetology degree to explore a passion on the side and feel more fulfilled. No matter what your reason for going to school is, one thing is true for every prospective student: college courses are time-consuming. Especially if you’re already working a full-time job, have kids, or live far from your dream school, it can be hard to make time to go to class. Online degree programs are a dream come true for this type of student, but when taking classes online, you have to be more choosy.

Every school has a niche subject or two that they’re known for doing particularly well. These are the colleges and universities that are renowned for their online liberal arts degrees and programs.

University of Massachussetts

UMass - Best Online Liberal Arts Degrees

UMASS is a dream come true for any student who wants to pursue a liberal arts degree online because the options are plentiful. Students can acquire a Bachelor in Community Studies, a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, or a transfer or degree completion program in Liberal Arts for those who have unfinished business. Each of these programs are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. What students might find most appealing is that when graduates acquire their diploma, it doesn’t mention that the degree was acquired online. This is because the program is just as challenging as their on-campus variation. Learn more here.

Excelsior College

Excelsior College - Best Online Liberal Arts Degree

Time and time again, Excelsior College makes Top 100 lists for colleges with the best online bachelor’s programs, and it should — it’s one of the first schools to offer distance learning, and their seniority in the field has given them time to perfect their programs. Excelsior allows students to get their Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and even their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, all without leaving their homes. Just because it’s got such a sterling reputation doesn’t mean it costs an arm and a leg, though — the college’s tuition hovers around $425 per undergraduate credit, which is incredibly reasonable. Learn more here.

Penn State

Penn State - Best Online Liberal Arts Degrees

Penn State makes it possible for its students to acquire an Associate’s in Arts, Letters, and Sciences or a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Letters, and Sciences. The school has been around for more than a century and a half, and graduating from the school puts students in the same category of some of the best educated, best trained, and most recruited people in the country. What sets Penn State Online apart from other online colleges, though, is its wide range of possible degree paths, and the fact that they’re so willing to help students make a financial plan. Learn more here.

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Widener University

Widener University - Best Online Liberal Arts Degrees

If you’re looking for a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts that truly makes you consider what you got out of your education, Widener University can provide that for you. It’s among the top-ranking online liberal arts colleges in the country, namely because of its three-credit capstone project that is required at the end of the program. While not as time-consuming as a four-credit course, the project encourages students to create something meaningful with their new skills and knowledge while contemplating what they have learned over the course of their education. The capstone project also makes students an attractive potential job candidate. Learn more here.