Top 5 Most Unusual College Majors

Unusual College Majors - Fermentation Sciences

Unusual College Majors - Fermentation SciencesAll college students, graduates, and prospects are all-too-familiar with the dreaded question: So, what’s your major? Engineering majors are stereotyped as nerdy and art majors have to deal with the dreaded follow-up: …and what are you going to do with that? Let’s not even get started on what people have to say when you reveal that you’re still “Undeclared.” Of course, it could always be worse — what if you were telling everyone you’re majoring in Floral Management or Auctioneering? And, no, we didn’t just make those up. In fact, there are a lot of really strange (but real!) degree programs students can embark on. It’s actually difficult to pick the five most unusual college majors!


Fermentation Sciences

The fact that Fermentation Sciences is nicknamed “beer sciences” by many an optimistic student might explain its popularity at Appalachian State University, but apparently, it’s a bit more in-depth than it sounds. According to the school, the goal is to equip students with a B.S. in Fermentation with a strong understanding of chemistry and biology while also focusing on business, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. But, to answer your burning question, yes, it involves plenty of hands-on learning at an on-campus brewery.


Turf and Golf Course Management

Do “Weed Science” and “Pest Management Strategies for Turfgrass” sound like classes that would pique your interest? If so, head on over to the University of Maryland, because Turf and Golf Course Management is one of their many Bachelor’s programs. It’s one thing to love golf, but learning the biology and chemistry behind the greens you put on is a whole different ball game.


Costume Technology

Admittedly, we’ve all thought about the costumes in our favorite TV shows and movies before, but apparently the students at DePaul University have thought about them a lot. Once you think about it, designing costumes isn’t just for any fashion student, it requires a certain flair and an eye for cohesion. As it seems, costume designers are the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry, so while it is a somewhat off-the-wall degree to achieve, the show can’t go on without it.



The Lassen Community College in Susanville, California has just the school for anyone who has particularly strong feelings about the NRA: the Gunsmithing school! It is, after all, a program that’s affiliated with the NRA, and it’s been around for almost eight decades. At the Gunsmithing school at LCC, you can get your A.S. degree in Firearms Repair and General Gunsmithing by taking classes such as “Barreling” and “Engraving.” You won’t see this one offered in online colleges!


The Beatles

Now it’s possible to one-up all your friends who consider themselves the Fab Four’s biggest fans. Liverpool Hope University makes it possible for you to master in it! Earning a M.A. in The Beatles, Popular Music & Society means traveling to the birthplace of this iconic band, and believe it or not, it’s the only Beatles-oriented college degree in the world.