Time Management Tips for College Students

Time management tips for college students


We all know only too well how many distractions there can be when there’s an important task at hand. Whether you’re a traditional student, an online student, or you just need some help staying focused, here are some great tips to help keep you productive throughout the learning process.

Stay Organized

You don’t want to have to get organized; you want to already be organized from day one. Whether you’re traipsing across a college campus or attending one of the country’s top online schools, you’re bound to have a great deal of coursework to keep track of. As a result, you’ll thank yourself for making use of a to-do list or calendar for keeping track of your assignments and projects.

Once you have a visual picture of what’s due when, you’ll find it a lot easier to budget your time for the larger projects. You’ll also want to stay physically organized at your home, office, or dorm room. Consider having a dedicated area for studying that can remain distraction-free. This can also help to make sure you’re not wasting time looking for misplaced coursework.

Set Goals for Yourself

After you’ve resolved to stay organized and you have a system set up for keeping track of your projects, you’ll want to be sure to set goals for yourself. Goals can govern quantifiable progress, help to shape your daily behavior, and ultimately help you to remain productive and focused on self-improvement.

One important type of goal to set for yourself, particularly if you’re a full-time student, is to set aside a certain amount of time each day for studying. Whether it’s one hour or three, maintain the same goal every day. Even if you don’t have three hours’ worth of homework on a given night, you can spend the remaining time re-acquainting yourself with your coursework in preparation for the exam.

Setting goals is an important step to take if you want to avoid overloading yourself. Nobody likes last-minute cramming for tests or mad scrambles to finished a research paper. By being more deliberate with your time management, and setting goals for making progress on your more difficult projects, you’ll find that you’re happier and more productive in the long run.

Say No To Distractions

This might be one of the more difficult tips to abide by, but it’s also one of the most important. College students have plenty of distractions at their disposal; they are, after all, enjoying a type of freedom that they might not have experienced before, since most of them will be living away from home for the first time. As a result, it falls squarely on the student to know when to say no to that trip to the movies. Grades needs to be a priority.

If you’re earning an accredited online degree, the distractions could be even more disruptive. Because you can typically earn an online degree at your own pace, it might be easy to feel as though you can just put off your work until the next day. In reality, that sets a dangerous precedent.

Therefore, whether you do your studying in a dorm room or a home office, the same holds true: coursework comes first. Knowing when to study and when to play is an important skill to have. You’ll thank yourself later.