Coolest College Campuses in America

Plenty of students risk the sin of vanity every year and choose their favorite colleges based, at least in part, on the attractiveness of the campus. There’s nothing wrong with that; after all, your college is your home for all of the years that you’ll be studying there, which can be quite a few, depending on your degree.

While the campus shouldn’t be the only deciding factor you keep in mind, it doesn’t hurt to pick a place that feels like home, and that has beautiful surroundings or well-appointed facilities for students to use. Whether you’re new to higher education or you’re transferring from an accredited online college, now is the time to take a look at some of the coolest campuses in America so that you can find your own perfect school.

Bard College: Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

 Coolest College Campuses

The centerpiece of the Bard College campus is the Frank Gehry Fisher Center, a striking artistic expression featuring organically undulating glass and stainless steel. It’s stands as testament to the thriving arts culture at the college. The rest of the campus features gently curing pathways, guiding students from building to building all while maintaining terrific views of the majestic Catskill Mountains in the distance.

University of North Dakota

 Coolest College Campuses

UND is the perfect destination for the student that has fitness in mind. The school prides itself on providing options for students to pursue healthy lifestyles and fitness habits during the time they study at the college. It was with this philosophy in mind that they built a vast, open, and ultra-modern fitness center. The recreation facilities feature numerous weight machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, and even meditation rooms. UND is the perfect school for maintaining fitness of the body as well as the mind.

Florida Southern College

 North Dakota

Frank Lloyd Wright designed many of the buildings on the campus of Florida Southern College. One of these is the strikingly geometric Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, which the famous architect envisioned as a “beacon of light.” In addition, the proximity of the college to the nearly forty lakes in the Orlando and Tampa areas provide numerous opportunities for students to get away and enjoy everything that the outdoors have to offer.

Pomona College: Claremont, CA

 Coolest College Campuses

This 140-acre campus was designed in the mission revival style, giving it a highly recognizable and distinctive look. One of the draws of this college is its beautifully constructed student dorm buildings, known for their inclusion of a sun deck for students to enjoy the sunny south California days. In short, this campus is a great place to relax as well as to study: a perfect home away from home.

University of Cincinnati

 Coolest College Campuses

Having recently invested more than $1 billion in a decades-long renewal project, the University of Cincinnati emerged with a strikingly beautiful modern look. The main pedestrian thoroughfares through the campus lead to the distinctively-shaped Steger Student Life Center, which looks like something out of a science-fiction high-rise.

This is a short list, but it should give new and future students an indication of the variety of schools that are out there. Some who are reading this might be gearing up to transfer to a traditional college after attending one of the nation’s best online schools, while others may be entirely new to higher education. Whatever your situation, make sure you’ve seen everything that this country has to offer before you make your choice.