Educational Possibilities of Google Glass

Educational Possibilities of Google Glass

Google GlassIt is perhaps a little difficult for certain generations to associate education with high technology. For the Wikipedia generation, that combination is as natural as breathing. So what’s going to be the next big thing in educational technology? The answer might surprise you.

Google Glass is the culmination of Google’s forays into all sorts of technologies, and has positioned itself as the first wearable technology with the potential to have mass appeal. Google Glass is a device that essentially overlays a sort of “virtual vision” overtop your normal field of vision. It might show you the time, or allow you to search Google with just a word, consult your schedule, and much more. There’s a huge amount of potential wrapped up in this svelte eyewear, making it one of the more exciting consumer electronics devices to come around in quite some time.

While there’s a lot about Google Glass that will appeal to the businessman or even the average person, it also holds a great deal of promise for students. While we don’t normally think of education as being on the cutting edge of technology, Google Glass may well be the first of many advancements to come that will revolutionize education as we know it.

The potential uses for Google Glass in the classroom are many. With just a whisper, a Google Glass user can bring up search results that are relevant to their studies. They can browse scholarly sources even as they write their paper, without opening a book or a laptop. It keeps the distractions to a minimum.

For the college student, Google Glass could be a God-send as well. With a built-in camera, Google Glass can allow real-time audio and video recording of lectures, leaving the student free to give their full attention to the speaker, rather than feverishly taking notes the whole time.

Google’s eyewear could also be a great deal of help when it comes to keeping our schedule straight. The day-to-day schedules of the average college student can change frequently, and Google Glass promises to be a great deal of help keeping track of classes, practices, rehearsals, club meetings, and any other sort of extracurricular activities that may be on our schedule. Need a cat nap in the afternoon? Have Google Glass wake you when it’s time for your next commitment.

The applications for online colleges are also potentially very exciting. Google Glass is capable of facial recognition, which means that even students attending virtual classes from half a world away can be monitored for attendance. Even more exciting, web seminars and streamed lectures can be sent directly to Google Glass, letting you study anytime, and anywhere.

Here at eCollegeFinder, we’re excited about the educational possibilities of Google Glass. We’re even more excited about helping people choose an affordable education option from the many online college programs available today. Until very recently, a college education was out of reach for anybody who didn’t come from a well-off family, or didn’t want to be paying off student loans for half their life.

eCollegeFinder recognizes that online education is a great way to broaden your horizons, learn new skills, and ultimately ready yourself for a rewarding career, without making compromises from the “traditional” college experience. eCollegeFinder knows that anyone and everyone with a strong interest in creating a bright future for themselves can now find that the college experience is well within their grasp.