OpenCourseWare Consortium

OpenCourseWare ConsortiumHave an insatiable appetite for knowledge? Did you know you that there’s a place online that you can access high-quality educational materials (for free!)? Check out the OpenCourseWare Consortium. OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a an online publication of higher education-level courses that are openly licensed and accessible to anyone.

While the courses available on OCW aren’t accredited like the online colleges we feature on eCollegeFinder, they’re great for personal development. On the site, you can search 8,760 available courses from 68 prestigious institutions of higher education and other sources, in 20 different languages.

Subject matters range from agriculture to chemistry to business to sociology and are provided by U.S. institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Arizona University, and more. A number of international universities also participate in OCW.

Learn more about the OCW Consortium’s vision, try out some courses, and let us know what you think in the comment section below! Once you’ve gotten a taste of online higher education, come back and let us match you with the right online college so you can begin earning your full, accredited online degree!