Why Earn Your Degree Online?

Southeast Asian maleThe rate at which students are enrolling in online courses has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years. According to the BABSON Survey Research Group, in 2010, 31.3% of post-secondary students were enrolled in at least one online course, and for good reason! Online schools offer a variety of degree paths, accessible financial aid options, and a convenient way to learn. Whether you’re thinking about taking a single online course or wondering whether you should pursue your entire degree online, check out these benefits to help you make an informed decision!

Endless Options

An endless number of concentrations are available at online institutions. You can choose to focus your online degree on anything from Elementary Education to Aquatic Engineering. Sites like eCollegeFinder.org make deciding what and where to study easy by informing potential students of their options and matching them with the best online schools. Visit our degree page to see offered online degree concentrations. For additional information on your choices in online education, view this list of the top online degree programs, recently released by U.S. News.


With financial aid and scholarships, the cost of a degree becomes much more affordable. There are a number of scholarships available online and a number of ways to earn them! One example of an effortless way to earn a scholarship is to enter an online sweepstakes drawing, like the Education Authority’s $10,000 Scholarship A Month giveaway; all you have to do is apply for a chance to win. You may also qualify for a merit or demographic-based scholarship. Find out if you’re eligible by visiting sites like Collegeprowler, which matches students with available scholarships, or Scholarships.com, which offers information on online scholarships and helpful tips to avoid scams.

Ease of Access

Want to kick back in your computer chair and take college courses in your PJs? The beauty of online education is its convenience; anyone with access to a computer with an Internet connection can earn an online degree. Take your courses at a local library – many offer patrons free Internet and computer access – or from home. For those who don’t have computer or Internet access in their own home, there are programs to help! For example, Comcast’s “Internet Essentials” qualifies low-income families to receive broadband internet at a lower, more affordable monthly rate.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, those with a bachelor’s degree earned $21,580 more a year on average than those with a high school diploma. The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree in 2011 was 4.9%, significantly lower than the 9.4% of those with a high school diploma who were unemployed. Your education is truly invaluable – invest in your future by earning your degree online!


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