Which Career is Best for Your Personality?

Myers-briggHow can you be sure that you’re choosing the college major that will lead to the most satisfying career later in life? One way to decide which major is right for you is by analyzing those paths that best fit with your personality. Studies show that students who match their academic tracks with their personalities are more likely to stick with their chosen path, earn higher grades in college, and find higher job satisfaction in their career.

There are a couple of different tests available that will help you determine your personality type and find the right major. The most popular personality tests include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®) and the Holland Code Test.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®)

This type of personality test draws from the theory that no behavior is random, but instead, decisions derive from the way that a person typically perceives situations and uses their judgement. Based upon an individual’s leanings in four different categories, one of 16 four-letter personality codes is assigned.

Categories include:

  • Favorite World: Are you an extrovert (E) or introvert (I)?
  • Information: Do you sense (S) basic information or use your intuition (N) to interpret it?
  • Decisions: Do you rely more on logical thinking (T) or your feelings (F) about a circumstance?
  • Structure: Do you prefer quickly judging (J) situations and making decisions or perceiving (P) a situation while keeping your options open?

16 Personality Codes:

  • ISTJ – Inspector
  • ISFJ – Protector
  • INFJ – Counselor
  • INTJ – Mastermind
  • ISTP – Craftsman
  • ISFP – Composer
  • INFP – Healer
  • INTP – Architect
  • ESTP – Dynamo
  • ESFP – Performer
  • ENFP – Champion
  • ENTP – Visionary
  • ESTJ – Supervisor
  • ESFJ – Provider
  • ENFJ – Teacher
  • ENTJ – Commander

To find out how to set up an official test to determine your personality code, check out this site.

Once you’ve learned your type, click here to learn more about your personality, find out which careers might be best for you, and determine which college majors will prepare you for the perfect job! For instance, if you are an ENFP type (a creative advocate), you may thrive in a career as as an Art Director and may want to pursue your Master’s in Fine Arts.

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The Holland Code Test (RIASEC)

The Holland Code Test is geared toward determining which of six categories of occupations you are most compatible with. Test takers rate a series of activities by how much they’d enjoy performing them and are then assigned one of the RIASEC types – realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional.

Take a free test here to learn what your personality type is. Once you’ve determined your type, check out this site for more on what your characteristics are and which career you belong in. For example, the Holland Code defines the social type as more apt to work with other people. If you’re a social type, you may want to pursue a degree in education or nursing.

What’s your personality type? Did learning more about your personality help you select a major? Let us know in the comment section below!