My College Dollars

My College Dollars LogoWhen it comes to going back to college, finances play a big part in your choice of school and major. Financial aid is available for those who qualify, but how do you find the opportunities that you qualify for?

Last year College Board, Get Schooled, and MTV joined forces to create My College Dollars. This scholarship and financial aid-oriented Facebook application helps you find which scholarships, federal grants, and state grants that you’re eligible for by incorporating the information you’ve provided Facebook with your educational goals.

According to the app, they offer a connection with nearly $6 billion in scholarships and $45 billion in grants. Just log on, find the scholarships and grants that you qualify for, check up on the details, and then either save the aid application for later in the app’s convenient deadline calendar or use the link provided to apply immediately. My College Dollars also provides help with filling out a FAFSA and finding other ways to fund your college career.

Try out the My College Dollars app and let us know if it helped your financial aid application process in the comment section below!