Memorize New Languages with Memrise

memrise logoWant to learn a new language (in no time at all)? Check out Memrise, the free app and website that helps you learn languages using creative connections and repetition.

Memrise includes tons of different language lessons, organized as games, to keep you interested while you learn. To help you connect a word to its meaning, the lessons employ mnemonics, etymologies, amusing videos, photos, or example sentences, dubbed “mems” by Memrise.

To understand just how cool Memrise is, read this article from the Guardian that describes how Joshua Foer, National Geographic writer, used the application to learn the Lingala language in 22 hours. If we all replaced a small amount of the time we spend on Facebook or glued to the TV, we could be multilingual in no time!

Try out the app and come back to let us know what you think in the comment section below! And stay tuned – in a few weeks, we may be able to write our posts in German or Japanese or…