Test Your Typography Knowledge

Typography can be one of the most important parts of a design. Because of this, the ability to lay out and flow copy is a crucial skill for digital designers. Inspired by this, and as part of our eCollegeFinder Digital Design Series, here are a couple of fun typography games to help beef up your knowledge of fonts:


This “typographic dating game” allows you to choose two fonts, send them “on a date”, and find out if they work together in design or not.

Cheese or Font

Are you a typography connoisseur (or a cheese connoisseur)? This game displays names and quizzes you on whether they belong to a font or a cheese – they’re more similar than you’d think!

The Rather Difficult Font Game

This game is a little more cut and dry (and as it’s name states, rather difficult). A font is displayed and you must choose the correct name for it from 4 options. For true experts only.

Are you a digital designer? How high were your scores in these typography games? Let us know in the comment section below!