Congratulations to the Top ESL Blogs!

After a competitive round of voting, eCollegeFinder and Language Magazine are pleased to present the Top ESL Blogs from across the web!

Check out our top three winners below and visit the award finalist page to see the other great ESL blogs that participated in the competition!

Inglês para Leigos

Inglês para Leigos is focused in teaching English for Portuguese speakers through games, music, exercises, and so on. If you are beginning to learn English, this is the plase for you. Come in, you’ll enjoy it.


Your English Channel

This blog was created for the author’s students 4 months ago to help them practice English differently at home by playing games, watching videos, reading news, and following events (such as The Jubilee or the Olympic Games). The author’s main goal is to make students practice and enhance their comprehension skills, but also show them that they can understand more than they think. This blog is quite young but is developing further everyday.

Real Life English

Real Life English is an international language learning blog/community that aims to inform, inspire, and enrich the lives of teachers and learners on their paths to mastery. While the blog’s authors believe that effective language learning is achieved through skillful methods and perseverance, the blog’s goal is to guide its readers to a perspective that honors not only the learning process, but English in its authentic, real life context. The RLE blog is a meditation on how teachers, students, and human beings, can use English to unlock innate intelligence and imagination, not only to enrich and improve learning, but above all, to enrich and improve living.


Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists and thanks to our readers for casting your votes!

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