7 ‘Do Nots’ When Interviewing for a Job

Lifehacker recently released a share-worthy list of things not to do while interviewing for a job! We agree with the site’s sentiments; getting a job isn’t only about having the background and experience necessary, it’s about selling yourself in the right way.

We think that the greatest tip on the list was number 3. Interviewers are less likely to offer a job when the “candidate showed a lack of passion.” The article explains: 

“The lack of passion comment has various applications.  interviewer handshakeSometimes the candidate is perceived as apathetic about an opportunity or uninterested in the hiring company, or often it is
described as what seems to be an overall apathy for the profession.  Regardless of the source of apathy, this perception is hard to overcome.  If a candidate has no passion for the business, the technology, or the people, chances are the interview is a waste of time.”

If you have the drive, many times, the other tips in this list will follow. Click here to check out Lifehacker’s six other reasons “you didn’t get the job”, and make an effort to work on each point in your next interview!

Are you currently applying for jobs or hiring employees? Do you have additional tips interviewees? Let us know in the comment section below!