Make Your Wrist Smarter with Pebble

It’s no secret that we love apps and gadgets at eCollegeFinder – at their best, they make us more productive at work, home, and school. At their worst, they kill productivity, but make up for it by giving us something super fun to play with. We’re counting on the latest piece of technology that has come to our attention to satisfy both of these categories. Pebble, the e-paper watch for iPhone and Android, promises to change the way we use mobile technology.

The watch syncs wirelessly with your smart phone, allowing you to use apps without pulling out your cell. Run distance monitoring apps while you cycle, heart monitoring apps while you jog, switch songs in iTunes or Spotify, and get text messages and alerts, sent straight to your wrist. In addition to the applications available on Pebble from the start, developers are free to code their own.

This product has not yet released, but you can preorder by pledging money to Pebble Technology on their Kickstarter project page.

At the time of this post, nearly $5MM had been raised, making Pebble “the most successful Kickstarter project ever.” Read more about Pebble or watch the following video and let us know in the comment section below what you think; is this product worth preordering?