Free Fall Courses at MIT

MITx logoThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently opened up their program to Internet users worldwide. Their new, completely free learning program, MITx, features the same courses taught at MIT on the path to an accredited degree. At the end of the each course, the participants receive a grade for their performance and a free official certificate of completion.

Currently, this program is in prototype form. The first class, 6.002x Circuits and Electronics, is underway and will continue until June 8, 2012. After this class is complete, free courses are expected to open up in the fall.

Continue checking up on the MITx website to see when registration will begin for free online classes in Fall 2012 to advance your education at MIT.

Are you enrolled in the Spring 2012 MITx program? Are you planning to enroll for the fall semester this year? Let us know in the comment section below!