SoundHound: the Music Expert

If you’ve ever been driven crazy trying to remember a song name or its lyrics, we’ve discovered the perfect app for you. SoundHound eliminates the need to ever have one of those silly conversations that start “Hey, you know that one song that goes ‘da-na-na-da-da-hmm-hmmm’?” again. The app quickly searches songs, both in your personal library and in their database, when you speak a song title or artist, hum, or sing the song. It pulls up the song’s info, lyrics, a music sample, and where to buy if you don’t currently own it. If you don’t feel like purchasing, you can pull the songs up on the free music app, Spotify, or launch a station based upon the song in the free radio app, Pandora.

The app is free, available on Apple mobile products (iPad, iPhone, & iPod) and Androids, and integrates with all your favorite social networking.

Check out the rest of the features in this video:

What is that one song you’re always forgetting? Have you ever tried SoundHound? Let us know in the comments below!