Get Connected with GetGlue

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We all absorb some kind of media for entertainment, whether it be in the form of the TV game we’re kicking ass at, or a book we just can’t put down. For those of us who have just finished watching, listening, playing, or reading and can’t wait to tell our friends to go do the same, GetGlue is a great application. show we’re hooked on, a good movie we watched, the song we can’t stop listening to, the

GetGlue allows you to ‘check-in’ to whatever media you’re enjoying at the moment and lets your followers know what you’re doing or thinking about (you can also comment on celebrities and other topics). The ‘check-in’ will broadcast to friends on GetGlue or you can hook the app up to Facebook and Twitter to automatically post or tweet your status. The app, available on your web browser or as a download on iPads, iPhones, and Androids, also lets you earn “stickers” and get special deals on entertainment from sponsors.

We love using GetGlue to see when our Dexter-crazy friends watch the latest episode (so we can gab to them about Dex’s last victim without spilling spoilers) or to let our stiffest competition know that our score in Call of Duty: Black Ops puts theirs to shame. We are also fans of the GetGlue feature that provides recommendations for new things to watch, read, play, and listen to, based upon what you’ve ‘liked’ in the past; we’ve found some great new shows this way!

Do you use GetGlue? What’s your favorite feature? Let us know if the comments below!