Libraries Go Digital with Amazon Kindle eBook Rental

Amazon recently announced that it would stock over 11,000 libraries across the country with eBooks for loan to public library patrons. This is huge news if you’re an eReader type of person (if you’re not sure, settle the debate by reading our article on eReaders vs. hardcopy books).

amazon kindle logo

The process to rent an eBook is quick, easy, and accessible anywhere with a WiFi connection or through USB (you don’t even have to visit the library!). eBook rental only requires that you have a library card, a free account, and a device to store the book on, including Kindles, devices with a Kindle app, or the Kindle Cloud Reader (accessible through your web browser).

Here at eCollegeFinder, we’re members of the Free Library of Philadelphia and use the Kindle app on iPad, so here’s the process if you’re a fellow Pro-Apple Philadelphian, but other libraries’ eBook checkout may be slightly different.

  1. Sign into your library’s website in your browser and peruse their available eBooks.
  2. Choose a book and click add to cart, then proceed to checkout.
  3. Select your lending period and confirm your checkout. The Free Library of Philadelphia allows you to borrow eBooks for up to 21 days!
  4. Sign into when you’re redirected.
  5. Select the device you’d like to read the book on.
  6. Enjoy!

Once your rental period expires, you’ll no longer be able to access the book unless you renew, but the highlights, notes, and bookmarks you set in the Kindle app will still be available.

Have you ever rented an eBook through your public library? Are you excited to check out your library’s offerings? Let us know in the comments below!