Ever Use Evernote?

elephant head - evernote logo

All media junkies know that keeping digital notes and tasks organized is quite a task on its own. In the past, we’ve outlined a few online and application-based services to stay organized (If This Than That for automated task completion and Remember the Milk for scheduling) but if you want to simplify your information organization, Evernote is the way to go! The service is a simplified system for saving files, bookmarking, and recalling pages, pictures, and schedules.

Evernote allows you to clip pictures and text from the web; take photos of things you’d like to remember, tag them, and save them; record notes; and manage files for larger projects (like a group of maps, ticket confirmations, and travel documents all clipped and categorized). Evernote’s browser add-on button makes using the service as easy as clicking to clip and save and the service has downloadable applications for most mobile devices – all free to use! Email, Twitter, and ifttt can also all be integrated to streamline process of adding clips to Evernote.

Perhaps the best feature of Evernote is its ability to search through images for text using optical character recognition (OCR). With this feature, you can take a picture of text, save it, and search for it later as if it weren’t an image, but typed text. On their site, Evernote gives the great suggestion of using this to remember new people; take a picture of a person with their business card and later, you can search their name to retrieve a picture of their face! You can also use OCR to recall pictures of product cards you’ve taken in a store to compare prices or to look up numbers from a phone list you’ve photographed – the possibilities are endless. Evernote has dedicated a whole page of their website to providing great ideas on how to use the service.

ECF Blog Aside from the traditional Evernote service, Evernote also has a new, free iPad application for those who use Evernote to study! Evernote Peek operates much like an electronic flashcard using an iPad’s magnetic cover. The application allows you to lift the first flap of the cover to see the question, then the second flap to view the answer. When closed, it shuffles to the next question. Downloadable study guides are available or you can create your own study guide using your clips on Evernote.

What do you use Evernote for? Which Evernote feature is the most useful? Let us know in the comments below!