The Future of Technology

In the span of the last few decades, technology has grown out of taking baby steps and has begun sprinting towards the future. With the creation of electronics that were once only thought possible in science-fiction novels, our lives continue to become more automated and convenient all the time. Here at eCollegeFinder, we help some of the brightest students connect with accredited online computer technology degrees and go on to change the world! With innovations in education, the power of technology continues to expand, and though some of the novelty of how amazing new technology is has worn off as we wait for the next advance of wireless internet, smart cellular phones, and computing possibilities, there are some advances that still blow us away.

Ignite Social Media has compiled a video-list of jaw-dropping technologies in development that may be a very huge part of our lives in the near future. Among other technologies, they’ve included apps that change the way we interact in real life, a wearable computer created to project images and information that correspond with reality, hologram projections, and the ability to turn any surface into a touch screen.

Here’s our favorite new technology, published by TED, featuring a headset that allows the manipulation of computer software using only your mind!

Be sure to come back  and comment on which advancement you’re most excited for after you read Ignite Social Media’s article and watch the rest of the videos!