Degree Spotlight: Bachelors degree in Biology

Bachelors degree in biologyOverview

A bachelors degree in biology is a demanding and technical degree that can lead to dynamic careers in pharmaceuticals, clinical research, the environmental industry, and others. Biology degrees often combine classroom and laboratory courses, providing book knowledge in a wide variety of fields, and practical knowledge in anatomy, organic chemistry, and physiology.


Most biology majors require at least 40 hours of advanced coursework, including calculus, general and organic chemistry, and physics. For a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, you must also be able to write well. Most biology majors are very demanding and time-intensive, but are intensely rewarding for those passionate about the subjects studeied.

Potential Jobs

Biology majors often find jobs in the pharmaceutical, environmental, or research fields. Many will also continue on to graduate school to focus on a specific aspect of study, and many go to medical school to enter the world of medicine. Other students will become teachers of biology, to share their knowledge with the next generation. Whatever you choose to do with a biology bachelors degree, you will be on the path to success because a biology degree provides you with both broad and specific knowledge, enabling them to later focus on a specific area and to become an expert in that field.


Potential salaries for biology majors depend on the sphere of work pursued by the graduate. For example, a research technician can earn between $39,000-$58,000, according to A clinical laboratory scientist can earn between $42,900 and $87,400 while a biology teacher will earn between $35,100 and $44,200. All salaries depend on location, cost of living, experience, and field of work. helps you find online bachelors degrees in biology from accredited online colleges to start a new career or improve your current job. Search today and find the right online degree programs from the top online schools!