Coming Soon: Top 50 Wellness Guru Award

College brings about all sorts of new and exciting adventures, emotions and obstacles. These feelings often inspire and intrigue students of all ages, but some may find these experiences a bit overwhelming. A focused and resourceful education is the foundation of one’s path toward a college degree, but it is important to remember that along the way, we must take care of our bodies, our minds and our souls. How can we be expected to excel in our academic world if our personal well-being is suffering?

As students strive for a prosperous education, it is crucial to keep up with mental, physical, and emotional health. eCollegeFinder acknowledges and respects the need for a balanced lifestyle. As we continue to provide students with advice and knowledge to help them through their academic journey, we are proud to announce our Top 50 Wellness Gurus. These award recipients will act as unique and engaging resources for topics such as: yoga and meditation practices; stress and anxiety relief strategies; staying positive and motivated; managing anger and frustration; nutrition, dietary and fitness advice; and mental and emotional illness.

Are there any websites that have helped you take control of your mind, body and soul? Please send us your suggestions and we will add them to the nominees for eCollegeFinder’s Wellness Guru Award. helps you find degrees from accredited online colleges to start a new career or improve your current job. Search today and find the right online degree for you!