Top 20 College Food Essentials

Here at eCollegeFinder, we provide our students with the highest quality services in everything from finding the best degree for them (whether their dream is to earn a culinary arts degree, a nursing degree, or any of the other accredited online degrees we connect our students with) to giving them the best advice for surviving their college years. In regards to the latter, here is a list of the top 20 college food essentials according to eCollegeFinder!

  1. Hot Sauce:Top 20 College Food Essentials Nothing beats a healthy heaping of hot sauce on any meal. From your standard chicken platters, to something unexpected like scrambled eggs or grilled cheese, hot sauce is one condiment that will certainly spice up your meal. Consider multiple options here like tabasco sauce, buffalo sauce or cayenne pepper sauce.
  2. Tortilla Wraps:Here’s what we love about wraps: they take up little space; they’re multifunctional; they can liven up a sandwich; they stay fresh longer than bread. Do we need to say any more?
  3. Microwavable Rice: This is a great compliment to a meal. It’s a perfect side for chicken dishes and it’s easy to add flavor with different sauces and dressings.
  4. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes:In general, a rack of herbs and spices should be available in every kitchen. But if you have limited budget and space, or don’t have a kitchen (dorm rooms), having at least red pepper flakes should satisfy your need for additional zest in any dish.
  5. Popcorn:Taking a study break to watch a movie or your favorite reality gossip show? Don’t forget the popcorn!
  6. Top Ramen/Cup of Noodles:Top 20 College Food Essentials Yes they are packed with sodium and probably aren’t the healthiest option. But when you’re pressed for time and need food on the go, this is one cost effective option.
  7. Ketchup:Let’s be honest, more often than not college students are bound to order take out. And just when you dive into your order with a side of fries, you realize they gyped you on the ketchup packets. Ketchup also comes in handy when you discover that some of the meats you’re eating aren’t the finest cut and may need added flavor.
  8. Mac and Cheese:Another fast and cost effective meal, especially if you buy Easy Mac. (Note: If you’re using a bottle of water to make your meal, make sure you check to see that it is in fact water in that bottle!)
  9. Cereal:Top 20 College Food Essentials Not only a quick breakfast option, but cereal also serves as a decent snack when your cabinets are empty. Snacking on dry cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch is better than you might expect.
  10. Peanut Butter and Jelly:Need we say more?
  11. Trail Mix:You can buy trail mix in bulk and snack on it all day. If you want to treat yourself to the kind with M&M’s, we don’t blame you.
  12. Clif Bar:Top 20 College Food Essentials Technically considered an energy bar (which you most likely need), Clif Bars can satisfy your hunger as well. When you’re cramming for a final and don’t have time to quiet your growling stomach, this is a great option to keep your hunger at bay until you’re ready to ace your exam.
  13. Yogurt/Apple Sauce/Fruit Cocktail:What do they have in common? They’re delicious, cheap and don’t require much shelf space. They’re also pretty easy to pack for those who prefer breakfast on the go.
  14. Canned Tuna:Just add toast, a slice of cheese, a touch of mayo and don’t forget the hot sauce! Within minutes you’ve got an affordable, flavorful lunch.
  15. Campbell’s Chunky Soup:Top 20 College Food Essentials If you think you can’t get filled up on soup, you haven’t tried Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Why else would the NFL endorse this product, for money? Just be sure to purchase their Healthy Request style.
  16. Canned Veggies:We had to have something healthy on this list, so canned veggies made the most sense. They are easy to store and will last forever – just don’t forget about them completely.
  17. Salad Dressing:Sometimes the dining hall options just don’t cut it. Go out and grab your favorite style and brand, and don’t be afraid to toss it in your bag when you head to the hall for chow time.
  18. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Spray:It’s a healthy alternative to butter, and the spray makes it easy to use for cooking.
  19. Ellio’s Pizza/Lean Cuisine Dinners:Top 20 College Food Essentials Don’t ever discount the frozen meal. Sure, some of you may need to eat a couple to fill up, but they are great for students that have very limited freezer space. If you don’t have Ellio’s in your area (look here) check your local grocer to find another rectangle-shaped pizza that is easy for storage.
  20. Pasta:Every college house should have pasta. It has excellent shelf life, fills you up and is easy to reheat for lunch the next day. Ran out of tomato sauce? Just try butter. Or better yet, have we mentioned hot sauce yet?

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