25 Applications to Better Manage Your Time

Although cliché, time is money.  Depending on which way you work the equation and proportion, you can spend money by spending your time OR you can save money by maximizing your time.

This is beyond obvious—right?  But it’s so much easier said than done; and when you’re required to work 40 hours a week, deal with family issues, occasionally get to the gym or yoga studio and maybe once in a while see a movie for fun, there’s not  much extra time to convert to cold-hard cash.

Well, I’m no alchemist or magician, I can’t offer a secret elixir or potion to give you the Midas touch, but alas, I can offer some quirky gadgets and applications that just may save you a minute here and there.  And let’s be real: a minute here and there can turn into an hour here and there.

Get to Where You’re Going Faster

These applications eliminate the pain of remembering passwords and other hurdles that slow down the process of getting to your destination.

  1. Launchy Bypass your start menu and desktop icons to launch documents, files, folders, bookmarks, and programs with a single key stroke when you use Launchy.
  2. Quicksilver Mac users can enjoy using Quicksilver for launching apps, like with Launchy, but also emailing files, queuing albums for that extra study motivation, looking up definitions, and sending IMs.
  3. AutoHotkey Create hotkeys or mouse clicks to automate anything from expanding abbreviations to creating custom menu bars.
  4. MemoKeys II Lite Similar to AutoHotkey, this tool allows you to create shortcuts with hotkeys to help speed up composing email messages, automatically plug in passwords, open documents, and more.
  5. Hyperwords If you use Firefox for your web browser, then check out Hyperwords. This add-on allows you to select a word on any page and perform any number of tasks with it, such as look up the definition, translate it, tag it, email it, send it to Twitter or Facebook, and more.
  6. WakeupOnStandBy Use this tool to wake your computer from standby or hibernation to run scheduled tasks or programs automatically.
  7. LastPass This password manager will remember passwords, complete online forms for you, and allows you to log in to sites with one click.
  8. Agatra Forget your passwords and spend more time remembering important facts for school with this encrypted tool that securely stores all your passwords.

Analyze and Manage Your Time

Use these tools to monitor, analyze, and even promote smart usage while online or on your computer.

  1. RescueTime Solo Install this app and let it do the work for you as it tracks the apps and websites you are using. Find out how much time you spend on each and learn how to restructure your time more efficiently.
  2. Toggl This time tracker is easy to embed and helps you track and analyze your time spent on various projects.
  3. TimeTracker Keep track of the amount of time dedicated to any task you do with TimeTracker.
  4. LeechBlock Block yourself from using any time-draining websites with this Firefox add-on.
  5. SlimTimer This tool allows you to create tasks, time your work, and take a look at how well you are managing your time.
  6. Personal Time Management Tool Complete this worksheet for one typical week and see how you can better manage your available time.
  7. Wakoopa Track the time you spend using various apps and create easy-to-read graphs to better understand how you can optimize your time on the computer.

To-Do Lists

These to-do lists will ensure you never miss an important assignment or test.

  1. NowDoThis To-do lists can’t get any simpler than this. Use this for an easy way to remember what you need to do next.
  2. Checkvist This is a to-do list on hyper drive. It manages all your to-do lists and organizes them into one list that you can even share with others.
  3. Ta-Da Lists Make as many to-do lists as you need with this tool that very easy to use.
  4. Vitalist This web-based GTD tool helps you stay on task with its intuitive format.
  5. Remember the Milk This popular to-do list keeps your tasks organized, reminds you when something is due, and works with Google Calendar and your iPhone.
  6. HassleMe Your to-do list will hassle you when it’s time to get something done.
  7. bitBomb Get text messages with reminders for your tasks with this tool.
  8. Toodledo Create a to-do list and let Toodledo analyze your dates, priorities, and time estimates to create a schedule for you.
  9. Bla-bla List You can email this simple to-do list to yourself or update others via RSS feed.
  10. My 50 This tool will help you keep focused on your goals by managing your list of accomplishments.

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