How to Avoid School Work during Spring Break

Homework, oh homework. It’s bad enough it even exists—but assigning work over break? Excusé moi?

(Are we having fun yet?!)

Sad, but it happens. But stand your ground, e-learners; you can get your accredited online degree and still party (or sleep) away break. Here’s a few ways to somewhat dance (temporarily) around doing your homework:

Do the fun parts on break so you don’t feel like you’re working! Have a picture or diagram to draw? Maybe a creative writing piece? Perhaps you just love reading 400 pages about microeconomics. If something seems fun or even remotely interesting try and chisel away at it during break—this tricks you into getting actual work done. It may not prepare you for the calc midterm or finish your physics problem set, but it’s still one less thing to do once the grind is back a grinding.

THINK about your homework on break: what you need to do, what you could potentially write about, how you might accomplish a task. Play pretend. You don’t even have to sit down, brainstorm or open a book. Don’t let it keep you down or away from the bars and beaches, but allow it—occasionally and ever so briefly—to perhaps wander in and out of your daily thoughts. By merely considering it, you’ll inevitably brainstorm which totally softens the blow once you really, truly return from break and must buckle down.

Once you return from break, just be sure to work like Superman (or at least be super efficient). Remember, work goes faster in groups. Conference calls, Skype, AIM, Google Chat, Wallwisher; all of these things and more keep you connected with others who suffer the same fate. They may alert you to certain problems, assuage your worries, or just offer practical help and insight. You could also agree to share notes and study strategies. As long as you write your paper and take the actual exam on your own, it’s all fair and very collegial.

There is no magic way out of doing homework on break; no fairy dust to spread and make it somehow disappear. It’s all about the attack, how you think about it. Remember, top online schools exist for people who have a life and need flexibility. Perhaps the only full-proof way to avoid homework on any break is to plan your breaks, and course schedules, wisely! And in the event that crunch time comes and captures you, see our previous post on surviving the all-nighter. It happens to even the most diligent once in a blue moon.

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