The Top Ten iPhone Apps For Online College Students

In a recent post we discussed the trends of mobile learning and its impact on distance education. While we have already highlighted its benefits for students seeking to earn an online degree, we felt it appropriate to offer insight on some of the best mLearning applications available. Below is a list of the best iPhone apps for distance learners enrolled in online colleges or degree programs.


  • Helps students stay organized and track assignments.
  • Provides reminders for upcoming due dates.
  • Computes course grades on multiple different grading systems.
  • Email homework easily.
  • Access to course websites.

Graphing Calculator

  • Allows a quick plot and trace for multiple equations.
  • Customized keyboard.
  • Zoom function to scroll the graph in real time.
  • Offers portrait and landscape modes.
  • Takes screenshots of graphs that can be emailed.
  • Find exact coordinates and evaluate graphs at x value.

Flashcards Deluxe

  • Allows students to focus on the cards they miss with an repetition function.
  • Includes a searchable dictionary to look up other terms while studying.
  • Organizes cards into different categories.
  • Ability to include pictures and sound.
  • Backs up flashcards to your computer.

Cliff Notes To Go

  • Similar to the original Cliff Notes that offer comprehensive literature review.
  • Different review modes that allow user customization for the optimal study experience.
  • ‘Cram Plan’ feature that creates an effective study plan.
  • e-Reader interface similar to printed format with the ability to highlight notes.
  • Multiple-choice quiz to help determine if you’ve mastered the review.
  • Includes an audio plot summary and an interactive map to link character associations.

The Chemical Touch

  • Fully interactive periodic table with element properties.
  • Recolor the table to visualize specific trends or similarities.
  • Internet button that opens up a Wikipedia page for the selected element, amino acid or nucleobase.

Netters Anatomy

  • Hundreds of fully annotated anatomy images and customizable learning flash cards.
  • Create custom labels and pinpoints to mark important structures.
  • Zoom feature to target specific areas of study.
  • Bookmark cards to create a review session.
  • Instant access to additional information via Google.

Statistics Pro

  • Analyzes normal distribution and Z-score tables quickly and easily.
  • Computes the value by entering the mean and standard deviation.
  • Provides bell curve image for computations.
  • Defines the elements of the basic equations in statistics.

Star Walk

  • Virtual astronomy guide for students, professionals or interested stargazers.
  • Access to over 9,000 stars, planets and constellations.
  • ‘Star Spotter’ function acts as a digital compass to see the sky in real-time.
  • Panning display screen to watch stars move.
  • ‘Time Machine’ feature offers a clock icon to set a time and date to see the sky’s layout in the future.
  • ‘Moon Phases’ features allows user to start a clock and watch the different moon phases.

Graphic Facts

  • Includes data visualizations, graphs and diagrams about a variety of topics.
  • Uses pictures to help teach about science, sports, politics, religion, war, the financial crisis and much more.


  • Trains the mind to instantly solve complex math problems.
  • Offers a video explanation for solutions.
  • No multiple choice to resist the urge of guessing an answer.
  • Provides practice questions to ensure the user understands specific concepts.
  • Includes a timer to keep track of how long it takes to compute problems. helps you find accredited degrees from online colleges to start a new career or improve your current job. Search eCollegeFinder today and find the right online degree for you!