Guide for the Ultimate Halloween Party

Can you tell that the entire eCollegeFinder staff is obsessed with Halloween? We’ve been doing nothing but watching scary movies, eating candy corn and funneling apple cider for the past three weeks. Needless to say, we’ve all lost hours of sleep and developed vitamin deficiencies, but that hasn’t stopped us from preparing for our killer Halloween party.

Here are a few tips and pointers that should make your gathering a shockingly good time. Just remember to have fun, live and die by all of our commands and let your inhibitions go. I mean, come on, Halloween’s on a Saturday.

Food & Drink

Take some advice from a chronic overeater; nothing kicks off a holiday bash in a bigger way than a cornucopia of seasonal snacks. Since Fall is upon us, pumpkin-treats are a must and they should be the focal point for everything besides the main course (which, as we all know, has to be pizza).

Pumpkin bread, cookies and pie are obvious selections for any Autumnal gathering, but those who are willing to get a little experimental should throw in a cocktail or two to get everybody in the holiday spirit.

If you’re a bartender at heart and can track down a bottle of maple liqueur, the Pumpkintini is a festive aperitif that should please the female populous (sorry to be sexist… but come on). For the male partygoers (i.e. people who really want a Pumpkintini, but don’t want to look like a ladyboy), I recommend Dogfish Head’s delicious Pumpkin Ale, which is one of the few pumpkin brews that maintains a nice balance between spicy October treat and crisp pale ale.

It’s also always a good idea to respect your vegetarian, vegan and allergy-prone friends, so select your offerings based on those in attendance and don’t put your reputation at risk by serving veal or foie gras.


Although alcoholic beverages are entertainment enough for some (i.e. me), most of your guests probably want to do more than get obscenely drunk and sleep in the yard.

Pumping up the jams and getting an 80’s style dance party going are always great ideas and people will definitely be less self-conscious about busting out their moves dressed as pirates, zombies and Monica Lewinsky.

Download a Halloween-themed playlist from iTunes, make your own life-changing mixtape or just throw on a Misfits CD and groove all night long.

You can also set the mood by playing a creepy horror movie in the background. Set the volume to mute and let your TV act as some sort of incredibly expensive party decoration… unless the World Series is on, which will turn all of your guests into boring, baseball obsessed drones.


Speaking of decorations, turning your humble abode into a haunted den of iniquity may be the most important aspect of preparation for your Halloween gala.

While carved pumpkins and phony cobwebs are the gold standard, it can’t hurt to mix things up and be original. Old curtains or gauze pads can be fashioned into ghostly shapes and stained clothing and scrap lumber are all you need for an incredible scarecrow.

I’d also hit up the folks for some of their Halloween leftovers. My mom has garbage bags full of amazingly cheesy lawn ornaments and I’m sure your junk-hording matriarchs have some as well.

It also might be a good idea to buy inexpensive, low-maintenance decorations. Think of the relief you’ll feel as you drunkenly force your obnoxious guests out the front door and realize that all of this Halloween crap can go right into the garbage.

In closing, don’t forget to have a raging time at your Halloween bash and now is the time to get super stoked for next week’s amazing Halloween costume blog.

See ya then!