Top 10 Favorite Cartoons of the 90’s

Do you remember waking up on Saturday mornings at 7:30am just to watch your favorite cartoons till noon? Or rushing home after school making sure that you didn’t miss that one special show that came on at 4:00pm? We here at remember and that’s why we put together this list of our top 10 cartoons of the 90’s! So stop arguing with your roommate about which cartoon was better and see if the ‘toons on our list match up with yours.

10. Arthur

Known for his circular spectacles and red bow tie, Arthur made the aardvark a commonly known animal within households. One of PBS’s best cartoons illustrated to children in their middle school years how to cope with different life issues. His adventures with sister D.W., best friends Buster and Francine and many more were education and entertaining at the same time.

9. Dexter’s Laboratory

The two-foot high, red haired boy-genius made us all laugh at his wacky experiments. His hilarious run-ins with his nemesis, Mandark, and failed experiments caused by his older sister, Dee Dee, were hysterical. Cartoon segments Dial M for Monkey and The Justice Friends also helped the hit cartoon boost its popularity.

8. Pinky and the Brain

The hit spinoff of Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs was viewed by many as witty and fresh. Residing in Acme Labs, Brain’s maniacal plans were hilariously stalled by Pinky’s effort to help him. These two genetically enhanced lab mice engaged both parents and children in their attempts to “Try to take over the world.”

7. Hey Arnold!

America’s favorite football head-shaped character, Arnold, made kids tune in almost religiously to see what it’s like to be a normal kid living in a wild and crazy neighborhood. The various characters in the cartoon, like Helga, Jerald and Grandpa Phil, made audiences fall in love with Arnold‘s compassionate nature. The 4th grader’s experiences were one entertaining adventure after another.

6. Pepper Ann

“Is she cool? Is she lame?” Disney and ABC’s red-headed 8th grader was an instant success. With friends Milo and Nicky always close by, Pepper Ann represented the ‘ordinary girl’ with fantasies about how life should be, often resulting in sticky situations. But Pepper Ann always found the right path, and showed us all that the key to being cool was simply to be yourself.

5. Dragonball Z

Super powers, big, flamboyant hair and aliens are some of the characteristics which made Dragonball Z a national phenomenon. Stemming from the original series Dragonball, DBZ introduced many Americans to the cartoon genre of anime. The show focused on Goku, an alien from the Saiyan race, his family and friends, and their quest for seven magical orbs necessary to defeat the evil forces. The hit sagas paved the way for other Japanese anime and manga series to transition into U.S mainstream television.

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4. The Simpsons

Before Eric Cartman, the original trouble maker was a resident of Springfield named Bart Simpson. Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa were the first cartoon family to keep us laughing as we watched them live and love in their own unique ways. The Simpsons continue to amuse audiences, and the program is considered to be Fox Broadcasting Company’s most successful sitcom.

3. Rugrats

Nickelodeon’s talking toddlers were a sensation and memorable to all. The adventures of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica and Susie (before the birth of Dil and introduction of Kimi) captivated young and older kids alike. Rugrats is known as the longest running show in Nickelodeon history with 14 years under it’s belt, and has gone on to make numerous movies and a spinoff titled All Grown Up.

2. X-Men

Adapted from the Marvel comic book, X-Men was a hard hitting, action-packed cartoon that kept viewers riveted to their couches. The show detailed the adversities, joys and hardships of these mutants with special abilities and powers. The plethora of relatable characters in the show made children of all ages enjoy watching the series.

1. Doug

“The Beets”, “Quailman” and “Jumbo Street” are words that capture the essence of the amazing cartoon Doug. With numerous wacky experiments by next door neighbor Mr. Dink, and the adorable Patti Mayonnaise, the cartoon showcased Doug, a 6th grader, as he stood up to bullies like Roger and made musical hits like “Banging on a Trash Can.” The adventures of Douglas Yancey Funnie, beloved dog, Porkchop, and best friend, Skeeter Valentine, made Nickelodeon’s and Disney’s Doug the number one cartoon of the 90’s.

Honorable Mentions: The Power Puff Girls, Captain Planet, Gargoyles, Ren & Stimpy and Daria